Monday, August 11, 2014

Ogden Utah Temple

Have you had the change to attend the Ogden Temple open house? If not get your tickets here. There are still plenty left. It's such an amazing opportunity to tour the House of the Lord
From ages twelve to about eighteen I attended the original Ogden Temple. I could remember where everything was on the old one. It's so different, yet still the same. Memories walking around the grounds with my little pink point and shoot came back to me. I would take pictures of my brother and the pansies among the peppers. (Yep, there were really peppers! My brother ate one and burnt his mouth ha ha) Good memories around these beautiful grounds. 
Questions? Feel free to ask!
I couldn't help but take a picture of these cute kiddos! You can't see their faces so I figure it's safe. Kids and fountains are just the cutest. It was a hot day. Even I would have wanted to wade my feet in it ha ha.

The Capital

Summer is flying by so fast. There's nothing we can do, but enjoy it while it's here! Summer nights are the greatest. The Utah State Capital does a "Movie Under the Stars" during the summer. It is so much fun! Before the movie these photo's were snapped.