Behind the lens

I'm a BYU-Idaho student studying photography and visual communications. I'm located in Bountiful Utah and Rexburg Idaho. 
Photo Credit: Kate Anderson Photo & Design

Some frilly things about me:
~Tulips are my favorite flower ever. I'd take them over roses any day. I seriously dream about taking photographs at tulip fields. (And I did April 12th!)
~Breakfast food is the best.
~ If I could I would live off of smoothies.
~I like running, yoga and just exercising. It's such a good stress reliever. Without it I would lose my sanity.
~I love fresh starts and meeting new people.
~Dislike: hairspray and the sound of eating.
~I want to photograph a wedding at the Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Fort Collins, and many other LDS temples!
~I knit, quilt, and applique.
~I recently started learning how to watercolor and quite enjoy it.
~I frequently wish I was elastagirl. It would be super convenient.

I'd love to get to know you and capture you with your loved ones!
Call me at (435) 225-3040 or email me at to set up an appointment!

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