Monday, March 30, 2015

Summer Bucket List

My summer begins in less than two weeks! Yes, my summer does begin in basically spring. BYU-Idaho is great for that! I've already started my summer bucket list. I feel like I have to publish it somewhere in order for it to actually happen. Living in Bountiful puts my closer to all of the adventures and photo's I want to take!

The list:

- Park City: Art Galleries, stop at famous white barn
- Thanksgiving Point: Tulip Festival
- Antelope Island: sunrises and sunsets
- Utah Lake: sunrises and sunsets
- Tibble Fork
- Kayaking: lots of it
- Hikes: lots of them
- Zoo
- Read
- Lavendar Fields: sunset in August
- Drive In Movies

Along with lots of other picture taking!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

High Altitude Sugar Cookies

Here is the recipe for the best sugar cookies ever. Really. Courtney said they're better than Swig's.  It's an easy recipe! I use to have a reputation for things not working out, but these always taste delicious! Spring is the perfect time to make sugar cookies! Feel free to print the recipe! Let me know how it goes. Your welcome and I'm sorry in advance. They're hard to quit eating haha. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bryant & Carli

This session was so fun! As you will see this couple is so happy together! They were laughing almost the whole time. 

This couples first date was to a haunted house and I was with them on the date! They hit it off right from the start. My date and I were in the back seat and my date was saying they were so in love. Turns out he was right! Carli is one of the greatest girls I know! She has one of those personalities that I click with. We've had so many great talks about life. When I was in Nauvoo she called and told me about their first kiss. Ah I loved hearing all her stories!