Wednesday, March 27, 2013


These last few months have been my summer. I'll go back up to Rexburg the 19th of April until July. I'm getting excited. This break has been really great. I've decided to minor in Communications. I'll get to take more classes that will help me in my photography business. There's a professional imaging class that will be super beneficial, but I have to take some of the prerequisites first. I'm all finished with the generals. I can't even believe it. Credit wise I'm already a Junior. Now I get to focus on what I love. I'm taking two photography classes: Intro to studio lighting and digital photography. I also get to take an Italian Renaissance art, which will make me want to go to Italy even more... someday I will go there! All this time waiting to go there I can keep improving my photography skills. Then when I do get to go I can get even greater photo's. ;)  
It's been such a good thing to be home. I've been able to help my parents box up the whole house because we're trying to sell our house. Now it looks like a hotel. Hopefully my family can survive without me while I'm at school ha ha. It's been nice to have plenty of time to help with dinners and everything. I just finished my third quilt of this break yesterday. It's so cute. I found the Paddington bear fabric when I was with my mom. I designed the whole thing and cut it out all myself.:) I also learned how to knit. I love making infinity scarves. They're super easy! 

We are trying what we found on pinterest. My brother came home and asked, "Why are there onions in a jar?" We got a good laugh. Hopefully we'll get some flowers soon! I'm getting so excited for the blossoms and tulips!

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