Friday, June 28, 2013


 Sometimes life's a struggle for us all. Tonight I looked out the window and the sky honestly took my breath away. I hurried to grab my camera. I got a little distracted from the engagement photos I was editing and did this instead. Sometimes a little break to do personal work is needed. 
Lately I've been having a hard time seeing past the imperfections and just enjoying the journey. In about three weeks I'll be finishing up my second year of college. Wow. Today I was looking back on my old blog and read the post I wrote when I finished my first year. That really doesn't seem that long ago. This semester I've missed two of my greatest friends, my sister and my old roommate, they aren't up here with me. No one can quite replace them, but thank goodness for technology so that I can email or call them. 
Today someone gave me the most genuine compliment telling me that they admired me and loved my work. It really was what I needed to hear. This week my studio class was a humbling experience;) I'm so grateful for the people that are kind and help me out. 

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