Thursday, February 20, 2014

The B

My last day off living in Brigham City was spent hiking the B. January is such a great day for hiking! It was a beautiful day. It was a fun hike with my brother. We talked about some of our favorite memories living in Brigham City. Moving away from somewhere that you lived the whole twenty years of your life brings back so many memories. Good and bad, but honestly I don't know I would have found photography without some of those trials. (sorry if you've read that before, it's just so true) 
My favorite times and places in Brigham were between my house and the neighbors. Plus some funny ones in Elementary school. So much time was spent at my neighbors. Two different families lived there during my lifetime. I loved them so much! As I got older not as much time was spent at the house, but I cherish those memories. I loved "playing" over there and babysitting. My favorite memory ever was rocking the baby girl to sleep and having he fall asleep in my arms. Then when the tiny boy was so sick with a cold he would cry and cry except when I held him. I felt so special. Man those kids made me really really want to be a mom... and I will be one someday! I loved taking pictures of them. That's where it all started. With those cute kiddos! I just didn't realize it for a few more years. I never thought that taking pictures could be made into a career.

Here's some of the random favorites from the many I took on our hike:

My Brother gets photo credit for this one.
After the hike I went home and bought the One Republic album. That's where I lived! The song I Lived was in my head most of the hike. It fits things perfectly.

Future clients: I have a silly side (even though I hide it pretty well). I'll try to be funny to get you to smile for me ha ha ha;)

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