Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Oh man this is one of those little life review posts I do between each semester. I go back to school for my forth year! I've been in Bountiful basically all of 2014 so far. Now it's time for life to change. I am now feeling ready to go back. I know that's where I'm supposed to go. It's going to be really hard. I've gotten so adjusted to Bountiful. The last time I was in Rexburg I was a completely different person! I've made a whole new life in Bountiful. 

So much good has happened since I've been in Rexburg:
- My family sold their house (hallelujah!) - we moved to a rental where I lived in a ward that was full of my greatest friends - I decided to stay in Bountiful for spring semester - Bountiful gave me a better social life/dates - I worried my family wouldn't ever be able to find a house - was confused - family found a house! - went on hikes with friends! - fixed up the house with my family - went on a campout - thoroughly enjoyed life - turned twenty one - had some crazy events happen - now ready to go conquer my senior year:)

It will be a big change adjusting back to Rexburg. Change is really good. I mean look how gorgeous the leaves are when they change? Change is scary. That's life though. Right now I feel so scared/ sad about change that I'm totally sick to my stomach. Sometimes we have zero control of what events will happen in our life. Somehow I'll be able to survive whatever happens...

Idaho? I've got you. Now I'm ready for this whole new last year of college. New friends, roommates, people, classes. Will I be able to find a couple good friends better than the ones I've made in Bountiful? That sounds very hard to beat! The perk to having such amazing friends in Bountiful is that I know we'll still keep in touch! We really will talk on the phone. These photo's were taken today on a hike with one of my greatest friends. She has seen me through the beginning, middle and very possible end. Luckily I'll still get to see her when I come visit! 

Fall brings great things! Even though summer is over we can survive. Ever heard the song Summer is Over? "Autumn never seemed this cold before... we changed just like the leaves" I'm not normally one for sad songs. Like the song Say Something I literally loath that song. It's the worst song... especially when every word applies exactly. If a song could make me cry it was that one. I'm looking forward to the crisp air, yummy apples, pumpkin patches, boots, sweaters, my coats, and crunchy leaves! I love October so much! I'll make it good!

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