Monday, March 30, 2015

Summer Bucket List

My summer begins in less than two weeks! Yes, my summer does begin in basically spring. BYU-Idaho is great for that! I've already started my summer bucket list. I feel like I have to publish it somewhere in order for it to actually happen. Living in Bountiful puts my closer to all of the adventures and photo's I want to take!

The list:

- Park City: Art Galleries, stop at famous white barn
- Thanksgiving Point: Tulip Festival
- Antelope Island: sunrises and sunsets
- Utah Lake: sunrises and sunsets
- Tibble Fork
- Kayaking: lots of it
- Hikes: lots of them
- Zoo
- Read
- Lavendar Fields: sunset in August
- Drive In Movies

Along with lots of other picture taking!

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