Wednesday, May 6, 2015

not a selfie

It's about time I came up with a personal project! I've been thinking this up for a while now so now I'm going to put my thoughts into action. I can't tell you how good it feels to have photography on my mind lots and lots. My thoughts on this project were keeping me up at night. Personal projects are important for photographers. Shoot for myself.

Everyone deserves to have professional photographs of themselves at least once a year. You deserve more than a selfie.  Let someone else capture your beauty.

#notaselfie shoot ideas:

#carselfie A whole photoshoot taken in a car. You probably read that and thought what in the world? Well, car selfies are quite popular. Want to know why? The lighting is actually quite nice in there! It's like being surrounded in lovely soft boxes (lighting equipment). So why not do a professional shoot in a car? It doesn't have to be a cool car. A typical ordinary car will work just fine!

#selfesteem A teenager in her room. Teens take a whole lot of photo's in their room. Good light and your face are what makes up a nice photograph. Give me a room with a window and we're all set! Teenagers probably take the most selfie's out of anyone right? Being a teenager is the biggest struggle. Out of anyone they deserve having someone else see them in good light.

#sundayselfie Floral dress. Ok I just really want to take photo's of someone in a killer floral dress. At a lake of some kind... Antelope Island, Salt Flats

Interested in helping me out with my personal project? Want to nominate someone? Have any ideas for me? Shoot me an email: The purpose of this project is to ultimately help other feel good about themselves. Then my obviously personal reasons: photographing a bigger audience of people, brand new people, meeting new people, practicing my skills, trying to lighting methods. Hope you will enjoy seeing this project of mine!

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