Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hello there!

Because you're here, I know that you love naturally beautiful photographs and that you're into real candid moments and you kinda can't handle when the photographer is acting like they should be the center of attention. 

I've been told that I calm people down. In a session with me I'll guide you a little for poses, but I'll shoot even more when you do your own thing. I often tell my clients "pretend like I'm not here". I love my zoom lenses. You and your lover can have your own space and I'm not intruding. Each couple is different. Some couples need more direction than others which is totally fine! I adapt to each couple. In the end I just want your personalities to shine through the photographs. 

When the session is done I take home the photos and edit them. I won't make the colors look more saturated than they are in real life. I'm all about realistic and natural photographs so if you like my photographs you must be too! This world is already beautiful! No need to make it look fake. 

As I mentioned earlier I'm a laid back calm person... most the time. I won't be thinking of ideas on how I can have be in the pictures with you. I won't be getting crazy on the dance floor at your wedding. I'm the fly on the wall that captures all those fun crazy moments! It's all about you when I'm behind my camera. It's your day, hour and moment! 


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