Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's 2013! I'm missing the lights, tree, and Christmas music already. I won't bore you with my New Year's resolutions like everyone else's blog posts today.

This year I tried making shaped bokeh. It's so fun. I wish I would have done it earlier and used it for my Night/light photography assignment. I guess it doesn't matter though since I still got an A overall.
 I used these two for my night photography assignment. I found a type of photography that I don't love. Night photography takes so much more patience. Plus I find it scary to go off by yourself in the dark with an expensive camera. There are creepers and I don't think I could fight them off ha ha. My tripod broke too so that made it pretty difficult for long exposures. I would love to give night photography another try. I'll be sure to get someone to come with me next time. There are some amazing night photographers out there like Jakob Wagner. You'll have to look at his work. It's really cool. Not anything you can see with your own eyes.

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