Thursday, May 23, 2013


This semester I'm taking a studio photography class. It's definitely not my favorite class. I might have a bad attitude about it sometimes ha ha. Today I spent almost thirteen hours on campus. It really wasn't all that bad. Bumping into some of my favorite people during the little break I had always helps. 
Every morning I get to work my part time job on campus (which is really the greatest job) and then I have my classes. The studio class is almost three hours long. Any class that long is a hard one to enjoy. Luckily I have some awesome photo friends in that class. I would not survive without them. The assignments for this class are just hard to find any excitement over. The first one was of a block, cube and sphere. The next one was an oatmeal can. Tonight the majority of our assignment was of hideous mannequins. We have all these tricky lighting angles to to. Then later tonight we got to photograph a person!  I love people. I really quite enjoyed myself. This image is SOC. 
I guess the studio isn't all that bad;)  

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