Friday, May 3, 2013


Remember my Monet project? You can find it here. Well so far in my digital photography class we got to do a David Hockney assignment. I was pretty excited to hear I could use these photos again. I loved being able to take some of my favorite parts of each picture and put them together. It makes it much more interesting.

I just finished my second week of the semester! This semester is so great. I am really loving it. My new ward and complex is so nice. It's super social which I love. It's so fun to meet new people. The warm weather just brings everyone out. I frequently have moments where I just feel content with life. I don't think anything feels better than that. Of course I do have moments where I feel super frustrated or stressed out, but thankfully those moments aren't very frequent. They usually only happen in my intro to studio light photography class, but at least five other of my friends in there feel the same way ha ha. It's a three hour long class twice a week in the dark studio.Today my friend and I did our first studio assignment! It went super well and fast. I was so happy after. Now I don't have to stress about it. Next weekend I'm going home and have four or five photo shoots. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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