Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love for Digital

One of my favorite classes this semester was Digital Photography. The assignments were a challenge from what I was used to. My thinking whenever I'd taken pictures before was always to capture things as they really were. The assignments in Digital Photography required much more creative juice than I was used to. Here are four of my favorite assignments:

For the photo above we had to take three images to put together. Most of the class took a creepy take on it with little ghost girls walking on water, or something to do with a cemetery. We received this assignment right after I took bridals. This one ended up on the wall in the photo lab:)

For this one we had to make a book cover from one of the Brother's Grim stories. Cinderella is my favorite so of course I chose that one. We had to use three different photo's to put it together using masks. I didn't want mine to look super creepy. I decided to read the Brother's Grim story of Cinderella to get an idea. In their version Cinderella goes to her mother's grave and cries everyday. A tree grows from her tears and the birds in the tree give her the dress and slippers. It was kinda fun to learn!

This one was a mixed media assignment. I'm a pretty practical person. One of my photo friends commented and said "you really like food and people" ha ha. I took the photo of  a bowl and then glued on smashed skittles and then added the cut out fruit fabric. It's scented like skittles! It was pretty fun to make! It felt like I was back in elementary school art class.

This is my "straight photograph". It was supposed to be similar to an Ansel Adams photograph. We printed it out on this fancy paper and it looks pretty awesome. I have it cheaply displayed in my room for the last few days I'll be in my apartment. This photo got a 9.9! It made my day.

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