Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bannack Ghost Town-Montana

Here are just about twenty images from the photo excursion I had with my Digital Imaging class. We got to photograph in an old abandoned ghost town all day. I loved working with all the models. Before we went I was worried I wouldn't be able to pose and direct the models like I'm used to, but it was so great! I was able to get images I had pictured in my head before. We went last Thursday and now all the other students are posting their favorite images. It's so fun to look at all their work. We were photographing the same subject, same moment, and same lighting situation yet each photo looks so different! There were about fifty students photographing the same models. The expression on the models face is different in everyone's photo's. My favorite model was the little girl. She was so sweet and adorable. I'm so grateful for the wonderful learning experiences I've had!

This one will be print big for the hallway in the Spori! This image is one of my favorites. I've mentioned plenty of times how much I love photographing sweet kids. I love little moments where the people are just being them!

This little girls name was Kaylie! I don't know if it was spelled the same way, but it was a fun connection to the models. The poor girl got the flu that morning.

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