Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I took these at a light painting workshop. Have you heard of light painting? It's so different. It's pretty tricky too! Get a flash light, tripod, and a fun subject and try it out yourself! You'll need about a fifteen second exposure. Hold the flashlight close to the subject and move it all around the subject quick. Don't shine it towards the camera or you will get light trail like in the photo above. It adds a spooky effect though. It was a happy accident and works for Halloween. Light painting is my sister's favorite. Photograhy is one of her hobbies. Go see her stuff here. The first post on there is from when we took those fall photo's a few posts ago, the next post has her light painted bottles. They're cool!
What are your Halloween plans? I'm not a big Halloween person, but after it's over it means Christmas time is getting closer!

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