Sunday, April 27, 2014

Never need be alone

Temple Square never gets old! I love these two talks. Today was a regional conference for my area. 

Normally I'd have moved back up to Rexburg last week. It's so good to be in Bountiful. Back in the beginning of February I decided to not to go back up until September. My family moved into a rental. They'll need my help moving in when we find a house. Plus it just made sense. I'm taking a painting class that is only offered online and my foundation capstone class. I have such a little time of college left! Living closer to other colleges has made me realized how lucky I have been go to BYU-Idaho.

Since I'm attending Photoshop World in September there's a class to get our portfolio's ready to review. It was fun to pick my favorite photographs. You can see them here and give me your feedback! I was feeling a little sad last week that I'm missing out on being up there for Photographics Society meetings and PSW class, but it turns out I can still enter all of the contests. Plus I'm going with the group to Jackson Hole and Bannack in May!

It's good to be where I am. I've really loved it. I've loved meeting so many nice people and look forward to getting to know them better. I didn't know I needed a break from Rexburg until I got one. Life can be good anywhere:) 

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