Friday, June 13, 2014

colorful life

It's Friday the 13th! I had to blog on this great day! It keeps life colorful. Since I'm an art major I take painting classes. This coming semester I'm taking watercolor! Whoo!! I don't really have any experience in painting. It's really fun! My grandmother is so amazing at it! Maybe I'll catch on soon;) My very favorite part of painting is mixing the colors together. I love the little swirls of white. It's really pretty fun! I'm going to use the same palette (paper plate) for the rest of the semester. It'll have all sorts of pretty colors and textures when I'm done:)

Good things are moving along in my families life! We are grateful for our blessings. I'll be painting walls soon. Yay again!!:) I have my moments when I feel so frustrated with my personal life. I think I know best sometimes ha ha, but obviously I don't. I'm so happy to be where I am. I only have two more months left of the normal life living with my brother and family (unless I have to after I graduate to get going on my own) Next July I will be graduated from college! Now that's surreal. My brother will be gone or leaving for two years for an lds mission. Isn't it weird how we all grow up? It really is.

Well hope you all have a great weekend! Mine is looking pretty good: bonfire tonight, Seven Peaks, Ikea, and Scheels tomorrow!

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