Sunday, June 1, 2014

I went to Jackson!

A couple weekends ago I went to Jackson with a group of BYU-Idaho students. Some of the students were in the professional imaging class which I'm taking this Fall. The rest are going to PSW (photoshop world) this September! I can't even tell you how excited I am for that! All of the students going to PSW are awesome! I love nice people so much! The people you're with have a huge impact on a expedition. I'm SO happy to be studying visual communications as my minor! It has made my life so much better.

My favorite thing is going off away from the group to find something different. I wasn't really feeling it at this location so I walked farther down the path (I made sure I could still hear the group because I didn't want to get left ha ha) then this bird flew right on this tree! I shared what I saw with some new friends so they could get some too. They said it was a crane? Cool bird! There's so many beautiful creations!

After going to Bannack in the Fall being unprepared clothing wise I now know how to dress for photo expeditions! Ha ha. I was very happy I was prepared that day! It started out a little cold and then the clouds parted and we got to see the Tetons!!

This is the Awesome Katie. She was the TA when I had digital imaging. She's so great!

I'm using this image in the Silhouette photographics contest this week.

Portrait photography is my favorite!

The professional imaging all had assignments at the mountain men rendezvous. I went off into the rodeo arena to get some shots of the cowboys. They were SO nice! 

This is the best professor ever! Sister Esplin really cares about her students! Her Birthday was that weekend so we celebrated at the lake! Seriously, being a Comm minor is the best!

I'm taking the PSW class from Utah this semester. Most of the people in the group knew each other already since they've been in classes all semester. I love meeting new people! It wasn't weird for me to just going random groups so I hopped around alot. When we stopped it was nice to be able to just go off on my own. I went with a group of the girls to the Tavern for dinner. It was the perfect place for dinner! The owner is a photographer and had amazing nature shots hanging all around! We were all exhausted after waking up at 3:30 AM. It was such a great long day!:)

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