Sunday, November 2, 2014

Baseball Players

Let me give you the back story to these images. In my portrait photography class we have to get a group shot in the studio. I wanted to get a dramatic Nike like photo. Sporty, tough, and awesome. These guys were willing to model for me and they made my vision happen! I've never had so much laughter at a session! We were all laughing so hard in the studio, then just as hard when I gave the images to them, and then again when we were all looking at them again tonight. We have fun in the studio! I had to post them on my blog! They're just way too fun. Hopefully these images at least bring a smile to your face!

This image is the portfolio worthy shot!
Notice anything different about this shot? Ha ha ha. If you make a doable request I will follow through! This photo reallly doesn't need that edit, but they loved it haha.

And the blooper/candid shots:

Even though I was told not to post any with the wigs I just had to post one. It's way too funny not too! I'll just end with their favorite again to make up for it;)

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