Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nauvoo Trip Part 1

The week I purchased my ticket to go on the BYU-Idaho Nauvoo trip I had been thinking how much I just wanted to get away to someplace beautiful. I did just go to Vegas on another school trip the week before, but I would definitely not call Vegas beautiful. Vegas is more like the place you go to be in the world. Nauvoo is the perfect place to really get away from the world. It was a great trip.

Fall is the perfect time to go over to Nauvoo! It was so beautiful everywhere I looked. The weather was pretty perfect. It was a twenty two hour bus ride there and back. We made a whole lot of stops which was good. 

The photo above was taken at liberty jail. It is amazing what the prophet Joseph Smith sacrificed and the good attitude he had. The Lord is really with us helping us through our trials.

There are so many different kinds of beautiful leaves!

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