Sunday, December 21, 2014


Omaha Nebraska is super cool! I really love to visit big cities. I wouldn't really want to live in one. Just on the border of one. Just like Bountiful. It's close enough to Salt Lake and walking distance to the mountains. City buildings have the coolest tall windows. At every place we were at I just thought "Man taking engagements here would be so cool!" Destination sessions someday?? Yes, I'll make that happen! 

Winter Quarters Temple

For the photo below I was laying down on the ground. It was super funny because at first people were like "What is that girl doing?" On a photo excursion no one would have found me being on the ground out of the ordinary. Then six other girls laid on the ground to take a picture with their iphone or point and shoots. They got to see something a way they normally wouldn't have seen it. It was too funny.

 Independance Rock

The last stop on the trip was Martin's Cove. We walked some of the places our ancestors walked. We complained about the twenty two hour bus ride and they walked those plains in such terrible conditions. I'm so very grateful I was able to go on this trip. Trials are a part of life. Walk by faith as the early saints did. They didn't know how long it would take them to make the journey west, but they walked by faith and made it to Salt Lake! 

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