Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Favorite 2014 Photo's!

2014 photography wise was way good to me! Here are a few of my personal favorites along with the reason's why I love them. 

This photo was second shot with the sweet, wonderful Jalene Taylor. I loved shooting with her! This photo was in my portfolio for PSW and at the end of PSW there was a video with clips from the week. I was in a clip! My twenty seconds of fame:) It showed me my getting my portfolio review and then it zoomed in really close on this picture. It felt pretty awesome!

Spring blossoms at SLC Temple! My very favorite time of year at my favorite place feeling such great peace after a portrait session there.

Dream come true. This is my heaven on earth. Woodburn Oregon Tulip field. More to my dream is to go back and stay for a long long while. See the sun set there with my own little family. I painted this in watercolor and received a high A:) I'll paint it in oil next year! 

Sometimes it's really all about the moment. I want this to tug at your heartstrings:)

First destination wedding! I was flown to Oregon to photograph this beautiful wedding. The photo above and below were also in my portfolio at PSW and the photographer loved them:) Whenever I was feeling discouraged after photo critique days in class I would think back on my portfolio review. The photographer told me I had a talent for capturing moments and emotion. And that my photo's had good light. This semester I learned even more about how to use directional light. 

My Oregon trip was definitely the greatest highlight of my year! That's why there are quite a few photo's from that trip. I love Oregon so so much. I just love the Daddy's girl face in the photo's below.

The engagement session that took place at the Salt Lake City Library was way too fun! It was rainy, but that did not stop us!

The baseball pictures in my final portfolio were my teachers favorite. She's going to use those pictures for future examples. I got an A on my final portfolio! Yay, that class was definitely a highlight of the year. And to think I said the words "I'm never going to take that class, I hate the studio..." Those words have never been more wrong! I'm not a huge fan of taking pictures of "stuff" in the studio, but people. People I love photographing!

This session left me feeling all warm and fuzzy! They're all adorable! This year I worked at the same place as their dad from jan-aug. He said to my Dad that the kids were good just for me. He wasn't surprised that I worked with his kids so well. That just made me so happy to hear he said that! By the end of this shoot the kids weren't camera shy at all and were coming up with poses they wanted all on their own. It was way too adorable. I may or may not have had a couple tears well up in my eyes while editing this shoot. ;) This shoot makes me want to specialize in kid photography! 

My Nauvoo trip was a great step for me. It was so beautiful. This whole world is beautiful!
A couple years ago this pretty bride told me that she would hire me to be her photographer for her wedding. I love is when my friends follow through and hire me! It was such a joy to capture them from their engagements, bridals, wedding and luncheon!

These are just a few of my favorites! To end off here's all the profile pictures used that I've taken:) It's the best seeing your photo's be put to use, even if it's just for a facebook profile picture. 

Thanks for a great photo year! Let's make 2015 even better!!

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