Saturday, January 10, 2015

Las Vegas - Ghost Town

In September I went to Las Vegas Photoshop World with BYU-Idaho's photographic's society. It was a great learning opportunity. I loved learning from professional photographers! We went to a ghost town twice to photograph. Old rusty cars aren't really my typical subject to photograph, but my Dad loves cars so I just photographed for him. 

I made it to Paris! Ha ha. It's (Vegas) is just as stinky and almost as scummy as I thought it would be ha ha. I wouldn't care if I never had to go back again. The parts spent in the air conditioned conference with a drinking fountain were my favorite haha. I learned so much! The key things were not to get discourage, work hard, do your thing, practice and practice!

This image is in so many of my college lectures!
The rest of this post is just for my Dad and Brother:)

Reflection selfie;)

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