Friday, November 16, 2012

jumping the gun

 Last night I got home for Thanksgiving! My sister had to go to Salt Lake so I decided to schedule photo shoots for this weekend. I'm missing a few of my classes on Monday and Tuesday. It worked out pretty well! There's just one test I have to make up after Thanksgiving. I was supposed to make it up before I left, but my teacher was sick. Luckily he's letting me take it after the break. He wanted me to take it Monday, but I'd rather photograph two families!
I took my brother to check out one of the locations I'm using tomorrow. Every time I see him he's taller. It's crazy. Looking back at these pictures he looks so little. When I was little I was a big tease my parents would always tell me "someday he'll be bigger than you". Now he's almost five inches taller than me! He'll be sixteen in three months. He's counting down the days. 
It's so great to be home with my family! The Holiday's are my favorite.

 Not only do I jump the gun for Thanksgiving break, but we got our Christmas tree out tonight!

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