Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things Change

I love BYU-Idaho so much. I learn and grow so much every semester. It's crazy to look back at the beginning of the semester. I've realized the things I wanted then is not what I want now. I've learned so much from new people I've met through my classes. There are so many awesome, genuine people here. I'm so grateful for all of the people I've met through my classes. I love it when you meet someone in a class and end up being great friends. They've taught me so much and they don't even know it. The photo below is of people who've made this semester so great. I'm so grateful for great friends!

BYU-Idaho is just awesome. I'm really going to miss: -my really good friend -constantly seeing nice, clean cut, and attractive guys;) -the indoor track and gym -having so many good cheap places to eat -Tuesday yoga nights. My favorite instructor is graduating next semester;( -the byui center -music outlet Mondays -always having cheap fun things to do on the weekends -being surrounded with people my age -having my sister up here with me

I'm going to miss so much, but being home and working will be good. I'm going to work on building my wedding portfolio. My dad and I are going to go on a photo expedition together! I'll get a break from school, I'll get to go to the Brigham Temple, and spend time with my family. I'll be in my nice clean home where dishes are never left to pile up in the sink. Brigham City is warmer than Rexburg! I get to sleep on a super comfy mattress where I can't feel wires poking through, and I don't have to wear ear plugs! Ha ha Before I know it I'll be back up here in Rexburg in a different apartment complex. It's so fun to move around and meet more people.

For part of my photography final we had to go to the same spot and take the exact same photograph twelve times. Claude Monet painted the exact same paintings with different coloring for different times of day. It's crazy how different every picture is.

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