Wednesday, October 30, 2013


 I posted this on my school blog a few weeks ago. There are many posts on there with photographs that aren't on this blog. You'll have to take a look! There are many photo's from my Bannack trip. I'll get around to posting my favorites on this blog. 
This quote really is true. Read one of my favorite talks here. The plans we have for ourselves are not the best plans. We may think that we know what is best for us, but we really don't. There is a better plan for us. Things will work out in the end and what's best for us will happen. The trials we go through will just make us stronger. 
I frequently think about what I want in life and things I need to do differently in order to achieve my goals and dreams. What are your dreams? Should I share mine on the worldwide web? Not that many people really read this so I might as well. Be ready for cheesy. All I really want in life is to stay close to my family and have a family of my own. I want to have cute lifestyle shots like Lex Zurcher. She takes some of the cutest images of her little family! Click her name to see for yourself. I want photographs I take to be the wallpaper in my house..on some of the walls;) I would love to live in a place that is kinda country. I would really live in Sugar City or Ashton Idaho. It's close to Rexburg which means as a photographer I could really get my business going the longer I stayed here, but who knows! I would love to have a cute house. It has to have something blue either the house itself or shutters and door. Traveling would be fun, but not necessary. I wonder if I'd even like it at all. I'm kinda a homebody (not the kind that never leave the apartment though). There's still so many places I want to see in the US. Tulip fields in the spring, the east coast in the fall, central park. I want a simple life! In time I can make all of those dreams of mine come true. The tricky part is finding someone who's dreams can match your own. Someone who will laugh at my silliness, but not make fun of it. Who is caring, will feed ducks, build a snowman, take walks in the snow, make time, and who will love me enough to let me take their picture, ha ha:) Leave me a comment! I'd love to see your blog! 

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