Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Savoring Fall

Fall just feels so good. I love wearing cozy sweaters, boots and scarves. Today was one of the nice and sunny fall days. I'm one of those people who purposely walks on the crisp fall leaves on the sidewalk. Last weekend my sister and I were trying to find a pumpkin patch to photograph. We didn't find one, but we found this campground full of fall leaves! It was gorgeous! If we're Facebook friends you saw the photos of me laying in the fall leaves to take these shots. I love the crunching sound they make when you step on them. What's your favorite thing about fall? Leave me a comment!

Lately my love for photography has really grown. It's all I've been able to think about lately. I started this blog post in hopes that I'll be able to get it off my mind so that I can study for my art history test ha ha. Tomorrow I'm going to Bannack Montana! It's an abandoned ghost town. The last few nights have been like the night before Christmas where you can't seem to fall asleep. All the shots I hope to capture keep going through my head. There will be a whole bunch of models there dressed in western, old fashion, cowboy attire. I love photographing people so much. I'm so used to having the models/clients all to myself. Tomorrow I'll just take lead in posing. I'm sure I'll be posting some of the images tomorrow night. Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you haven't already. 

Have you ever wanted something so badly? In my life right now there's many answers for the future that are "most likely". It's the chance that it won't happen that scares me. Although it makes me want to work even harder in hopes that it will work out. I'm a Photography major and a Visual Communications minor. Photography is what I do. I'm really blessed to be given this talent. Sometimes I feel stressed out because it's not the most reliable major. I've thought about switching it to something else in the past, but photography is really what I'm meant to do. I'm going to learn as much as I possibly can about it. BYU-Idaho has so many amazing growing opportunities. My time here is going way too fast, but that's a good thing! It means I'm really enjoying it.

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