Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This semester I was able to enter my photo's in many contests. I was a member in a photography club on campus called Photographics Society. I really enjoyed it. It was fun to get to know other photographers and have contests each week. Each week we would learn about something related to photography. Once I showed everyone how to create a tilt shift/iris blur in photoshop. This semester students in my classes and at the club would ask me questions about photography. It feels so good when people care about your opinion! 

Here are some of the highlighted photo's of my semester. This semester there was a communication and business summit. There was a contest for all of the photo's entered in the photographic's print contests. The photo above won first place! I was so surprised and happy. Students voted for my photo! Plus I won fifty bucks! People are so nice!
Honorable Mention-Detail Contest

Honorable Mention- Change Contest
This was also the photo I framed and printed huge.
(I love fall!)

In November there was a big Bannack contest. Thank you so much for all of you that voted for my images on the blog contest! The photo above won first place for the blog contest! Then the photo above and below placed in the top ten for the contest judged by professional photographers. After taking so many photographs this semester we made a photo book for our final. If you'd like to see my photo book go here. It was so much fun to make. It contains so photographs of many of the great people in my life. 

Honorable Mention- Bannack Bus Contest

I just found out the photo above was chosen as one of the Dean's Pics The beautiful bride in this photo  also told me that this was her very favorite photo taken at Bannack! SO many photo's were taken of this couple at Bannack so it was such a compliment to me! Go here to see some of the other students photo's of them. 
I'll admit that this post is totally a brag post, but I'm so grateful for my talents I've been blessed with. THANK YOU to all of the support you've given to me!! Thank YOU for any compliment you've ever given me! It's meant so much to me and I've needed it. Thank you for looking at this post!

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