Friday, December 20, 2013

fallen thoughts

Another semester is over! Which means it's time for the traditional semester review post. As I was cleaning today I kept thinking about how glad I am for how this semester turned out. The beginning seems so far away. I'm grateful for inspired decisions and the many wonderful friends I've made. Each semester I try to make new goals. There's always room for improvement. Last semester's goal was pretty much to be brave. See that post here. 
Goal one: getting up. Everyone is pretty prone to falling in Rexburg. Either if it's on ice or for people. I fall very easily in both cases. This world is full of many lovable people. In the spring I tripped and got a nasty scar. It was the exact morning I thought to myself "yep, really time to move on from this guy" then I thought the exact same thing before I slipped and cut my hand on the ice Wednesday. I always hurry and get up and laugh at myself. Then I thought of the lyrics “I get knocked down but I get up again. You’re never going to keep me down”. That was one of my very favorite songs when I was little. It seems to get easier every time you get back up. I’ll never quit getting up! Life would be so boring if it weren’t for falling.
Goal two: good language. This semester started with a class project where we had to choose somewhere to improve. My favorite class this semester was comm 150 (Interpersonal Communication) I loved it so much. As we try to improve our language our thoughts also improve. Language doesn't just mean swearing. (I've never had a problem with that) Language means only having kind things come out of our mouth. Gossiping is super pointless and hurtful. I'm definitely not perfect, but I've felt such a difference in my life as I've tried to brush off the bad. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Searching for the good in people makes me a happier person. There really is at least one good thing we can say about someone. Don't waste your breath on pointless words.

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